Work it! (Out) What Fits with our Fitness

Work it! (Out) What Fits with our Fitness

Being in the right state of mind for working out is crucial. Getting into the right mental zone will ensure that you really commit to your work out and don't just go through the motions. We find that having the right mindset and kit will put us in the headspace to push ourselves physically. Here is what you'll find in our (mental and actual) gym bags.


Headphones- I have to have the right music for the right workout. If I am running, I love a bit of T.E.E.D I need something that will hype me up and get me going. I have to be careful I don't start throwing some shapes while on my jog though. If I am doing some H.I.I.T. work, I love Martin Solveig. I have worked with him and it gets me focused and hyped at the same time. If I am saluting the sun at home, I like to blast a little Florence and the Machine. My yoga music needs to energise me. 

The Wardrobe- If I feel fit, it inspires me to keep fit. Sweatpants with holes in them from the 90's scream 'Let's sit on the couch and eat chips'. It's not a good look and it's not a good move. Put on something hot and you will feel hot. You'll wanna stay hot and hit that cardio for another 20 minutes. I love a bit of Stella and Sweaty Betty

Staying Motivated I think there is a real mistake that happens when people view exercise as work and then can justify undoing what they have spent all that effort on. For example if you work out and then eat a bucket of KFC, you aren't doing yourself any favours. Switching the mentality over from "This is something I have to make myself do" to "This is helping me, this is good for me, I want to feel good" will mean that exercise will be your companion not your enemy. If exercise is your friend then making other healthy life choices will naturally fit in. If you know there is a class you want to do in the morning, then it will help you to say 'no thanks' to that second glass of champagne or when you have just pushed yourself mentally and physically at the gym, nurturing your body with food that actually  makes you feel good in the long term, like high protein salads will be more appealing then a quick junk food binge. 


The Right Workout: It's a little abstract, but go with me. I am putting in my gym bag, 'The right exercise.' It's very important that I am in shape for work because my job is so physical. The workout needs to fit my mood. If I am exhausted from working all week in an office, I will try to get outside and go on a Saturday morning run or play football with mates.  If I need to blow off some steam, going to the gym gives me a nice focused solitude that helps clear my mind and push my body. Arizona often jokes that it's lucky I have a 9-5 or I would become a total meat-head-gym-rat. She's right and again, I think it is about balancing the right kind of workouts and mixing it up. If you are doing lots of weight training at the gym, make sure you are getting the cardio you need. Not necessarily on a treadmill (I don't think these are really that good for fitness) but get outside and play some sport, run or swim. 

 Also, working it in everyday. You can always bring yourself to do five minutes of exercise anywhere and once you've done five, you'll probably be ready to do ten then twenty. Sometimes if we are sitting in the flat, Arizona and I will just be joking around and challenge each other to a sit-up competition (she usually wins), or if Nikko is climbing all over us, we might do some Nikko leg lifts, if we can keep each other from laughing- that is. 

The Right Shoes: Finding the right pair of shoes is really important. I see people come in all the time with body aches and posture issues because they are doing long runs in the same trainers they wear clubbing or shopping. They need to be designed for the activity you are doing and insoles are easy and wonderful to add extra support. Your back and feet will thank me. Check out the Sweatshop.





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