Essentials for Everyday Fashion (HER): The Magic of Eight

Essentials for Everyday Fashion (HER): The Magic of Eight

Today I met a friend for lunch and the first thing she said was, 'Someone loves her Mom Jeans'. I smiled, realising the last two times I'd suggested meeting for coffee, I'd suggested the same place and was wearing the same jeans.  I could have taken offence, but she's a lovely friend and meant no harm (infact, she'd asked where she could get a pair on our last date- BDG Mom Jeans !) also, she was right. I do love my Mom Jeans and have been getting a ton of wear out of them. It got me to thinking about my clothes. Like the Cafe, I revisit what I am comfortable with. 

It's really easy to get sucked into the vacuous pull of always wearing something no one has ever been seen in before. When you work in fashion, it is almost expected. This used to feel like pressure, but then I came to terms with the fact that when I am at work, I'll let the experts construct me in the never-been-seen. Women are told they need to re-invent themselves every day, for every event. I read a great article in Harper's by Matilda Kahn, Creative Manager at Sony Music, explaining that after an existential crisis on what to wear to an office meeting, she resolved that it was ridiculous that the men in her office weren't having this same problem, to find the perfect attire, pre-meeting when she should be reviewing her presentation. From that point on, she decided she was instituting a uniform she was comfortable with. She had to be creative all day, everyday in her work and something as simple as her outfit started sucking the life out of her. She tried a few things out, found what she was happy in and bought it x3. She now wears that to work. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the effort and it reminds me of a different time. I love dropping my son off at school, and seeing Charlotte (Olympia) Dellal (every school has one, the perfectly presented mum) kneeling down to kiss her son in sky high (fabulous heels), brushing something off his cheek with fabulously red manicured nails, and a pin-up coif that would spark jealousy in Marilyn. But the truth is, I've seen her in the same clothes, it's her confidence and comfort in her style that carries this look. She hasn't spent hours with a stylist while serving up cereal and saying for the thirtieth time, 'we need to go our we will be late again.' This is simply her uniform. She is the same as me, and you. We know what we are comfortable in. Whether I am doing the school run, meeting a friend for coffee, or a sexy date night, I'll wear what I know I am happy in. Find what you feel happy in and wear the hell out of it. 

Have you heard of the capsule closet? We should all be moving towards this. 

Here is a list of the 8 things I have worn this month (probably 20 times)

1. Uniqlo Light Weight Bra- Okay not for the sexiest night of your life- but for 30% of the time! 

2. Aquazurra Heilbronner boots... They are just the best. 

3. BDG Mom Jeans- Mentioned these. Dress them up or down. 

4.Arme De L'Amour-goes with every thing. 

5. J Crew Cashmere Jumper. Who wouldn't? I do any chance I get. 

6. Wolford Tights-These are a little on the cher side for tights, but are well worth it. They come in every weight, sheer/opaque option imaginable and they hold up very well.

7. Louis Vuitton Leopard Print Shawl-This is an investment piece that you will wear all year with everything. 

8. Sweaty Betty- It is very likely that at some point, everyday, you will catch me wearing something Sweaty Betty. They are great to workout in and great to lounge around doing life admin in. 

Enjoy what you wear. There is nothing wrong with being seen in great clothes over and over again.

xx Arizona



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