Solving the Gift Issue: For Him, Her, Dad, Mum

Solving the Gift Issue: For Him, Her, Dad, Mum

Here are our top four picks for the hardest people to shop for. We have also included an option for the person who wants for nothing. We have selected Oxfam Unwrapped as our charity of choice on this. It’s easy: choose gifts and add them to your basket. Personalise your gift at checkout. You can add a personalised message, change the front card image, select to send an E-cardA card is sent to your friend, relative or colleague. You change lives. Oxfam Unwrapped always ensures that your money gets to the people that need it most. SO without further ado, some of our favourite gifts to give.


The Party Animal: Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Film Camera This is great for the guy that wants to play at the party and jog his memory after three too many tequila shots. 

The Quiet and Reflective: The sense of smell is linked to emotion. Why not give your Mr. Zen the sensual solitude of the great out doors, while you are pulling him in closer for another breath of the amazing Tom Ford's Oud Wood.

Mr. Fashion Forward: Who doesn't love a bit of cheeky profanity? Get the "Putain, Merde" Pullover by Redbubble

He's got it all? Better the World: Tell him you think he is a babe, so you got him a pack of Four Seasons Condoms....donated to Africa. These have fun packaging and they are saving lives in Africa. Wrap it up if you like! If that would make him blush, tell him he is so handy that he managed to fix the well without even getting off the couch. "Here’s a gift that could make someone’s day, every day. A working well can improve life for a whole community, and your gift covers the labour, tools and training to keep the water flowing. It means that people have enough water for drinking, washing and cooking without having to trek miles to fetch it. " -Oxfam


The Party Animal? She's gonna need those dancing shoes. How about these bad boys from AQUAZZURA if that is a bit of a stretch- let her nurse the hangover and those tired feet with an indulgent pedicure voucher. 

Quiet and Reflective: We love the Jo Malone Red Roses Home Candle go for charm and add your engraving. 

Adventuress? Is there a class she loves? Give her a bundle of kick-boxing,  Ballet or yoga classes.  

Got it all? Better the World: Give her an Oxfam "End Violence Against Women" Your gift will help give a vulnerable woman a bright new future. One in three women around the world regularly faces some form of violence, often from their partner. From Bolivia to Zambia Oxfam is challenging perceptions and changing attitudes to help women and girls escape violence, fulfill  their potential and make better lives for themselves. Your gift will Oxfam continue this invaluable work.- Oxfam


Party Animal? Whether Dad is blaring Joris Voorn, (Have you heard the Lana Del Rey edit? You're welcome!) or getting down to some Chopin, make sure the Pro-Ject - Debut Carbon DC is what the neighbours are complaining about. 

Quiet and Reflective? The book and CD Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan to Finding Peace in a Frantic World A wonderful and concise guide to Mindfulness for eveyone.

Captain Adventure? Is Daddy Dearest having a bit of a midlife? Help him capture all his shenanigans with the GoPro HERO5

Got it all? Better the World: Has Dad always taught you to follow your dream career? How about the 'Support a Budding Business' from Oxfam. Your gift could help a budding businesswoman escape poverty and build a better life. It can help to provide the support she needs to get started, such as literacy and numeracy skills, or mentoring and advice. Your gift could be the start of something special, enabling a woman to earn an income, to invest in her business, and create a better future for her and her family. This gift supports our Making a Living (ML) projects. What dad wouldn't want that?


Party Animal? Chances are she's the source of our inner femme fatale. Chances are Mum would still appreciate a little silk on the skin. My mom loved this Marjolaine robe. 

Quiet and Reflective? If mum is a bit of a home body, it doesn't mean she needs to feel alone. Remind her of the people that adore her with some lovely frames of you and the family. This Vera Wang Wedgwood is a bit of a classic. 

Adventuress? So Mum likes to get out and about? She can still do it in style. The Fortnum and Mason Ascot Picnic Basket is a winner. Thrown in some food and drinks she will love with it. 

Got it all? Better the World: What better way to thank the woman who brought you into this world than showing her your love for the Mother/child relationship. "Maternal health care isn’t always high on government agendas, especially when money is tight. But your gift will help Oxfam to press for better, more affordable health care so more young families can call on fully trained doctors, midwives or birth attendants - no matter where they live." - Oxfam's Care for Mums and Babies. 


Oxfam Gift Idea for COUPLES: The Goat Couple "This gift can provide two life-changing Oxfam goats to a family living in poverty. Sourced locally and fully vaccinated, they’re fit, healthy and ready to supply a family with milk to drink or sell – not forgetting the crop-boosting manure. And because this gift includes business training, a family is more likely to get the best possible price for what their goat produces. When their goat has kids, they can go on to help another family or be sold to raise money for essentials." -Oxfam 

Oxfam Gift Idea For KIDS: The Farmyard "An Oxfam farmyard is an opportunity for people to earn a decent living. Your gift could include a cow, a goat, a sheep, some chickens or supplies needed to grow a good veg crop. Oxfam assesses what is best for each community so that the right training and materials are provided. From animal husbandry to crop production and marketing, the right tools can help make a farm a success." -Oxfam

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Killer (Who Needs The Carbs?) Pasta Bolognese

Thanks Vogue, for the Instagirl video

Thanks Vogue, for the Instagirl video