Bienvenue! I am Boniface. I live, work and play in London. I graduated from the European School of Osteopathy after two years in medical university in France and four years osteopathic training in the UK. I have been practising in England for ten years. I became interested in helping pregnant women. I believe that understanding the changes associated with pregnancy itself can help one have a happy and healthy experience. Throughout my career I have dedicated my care to helping both the mum and the baby alike. This quite fluidly transferred into my relationship with Arizona and Nikko. I continue to learn about how parenthood changes you as an individual, as a couple and as a family. Understanding these changes can help us have a healthier and happier family dynamic. I look forward to sharing these insights with you and look forward to hearing from you about your experiences, ailments, anxieties and enjoyment. 

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Interests: Art, Travel, Football, Family, Music

 photo credit:  Dean Dorat

photo credit: Dean Dorat